Torgunn Gulsett

About the Artist:

Torgunn is a native norwegian who has lived many years in Norway,Sweden, and USA.
She has been drawing and painting most of her life.

As the daughter of a portrait painter and with many artists in the family,she was given a good start.
Drawing was her fascination during her teenage years.Later after art studies in Norway,Sweden, and USA, oil painting became her preferred medium.

During her many years in the pacific northwest,USA Torgunn founded and operated several retail stores.During this time painting took a back seat.

In 1998 Torgunn and her husband moved to Norway.After awhile dividing her time between retail and painting Torgunn is now focused on painting full time and loving it.
When Torgunn is not painting she is out by the ocean or up in the mountains with her camera or just enjoying family life.

She feels that painting is her heritage and an ability which God has given her, that she wants to continue to develop.



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